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Shocker Internet Drive In - Week 17: "Maniac Mayhem"

What better way to enjoy a cold crisp January evening then to pack up the loved one and speed off to the drive in for a "bloody" good time. We here at the old Shocker Internet Drive In are more than happy to oblige with a wonderful double feature of boobs, blood, and bad film making.

First up, we are ashamed to present that mid-sixities classic example of back yard film making, "Manos - The Hands of Fate", followed by that equally inept piece of celluloid silliness, "Bloody Pit of Horror", featuring the father of that chick on "Law & Order: SVU". As usual, we have included a bunch of snack bar ads, movie trailers, and a Tex Avery cartoon.

So, turn the heat up, turn the speakers up, and snuggle in for a scary (and stupid) night of "Maniac Mayhem"!

Run time 178 minutes 17 seconds
Audio/Visual sound, color


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